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The patient is first examined by a doctor who controls his state of health.  The Diet Tube protocol requires a complete blood count, blood urea, nitrogen, uric acid, creatinine, electrolytes and transaminases and an ECG. The doctor verifies that there are no contraindications to this treatment. Treatment is not indicated in cases of kidneys failure, in pregnancy and in patients under 14 years of age.

Other medical conditions requiring medication will be evaluated on a case by case basis, in order to plan possibile revision of drug dosages taken by the patient.

Positioning of the gastric tube takes a few seconds, it is absolutely painless and does not produce troublesome symptoms during or after application.

The patient is sitting upright and has to drink small sips of cold water with a straw while the doctor quickly introduces the gastric tube (type Flocare 2mm) through the nose, untill it reaches the stomach. A mark on the tube confirms the correct placement of the tube in the stomach.

The doctor then pulls the spindle guide tube and ensures correct tube placement by injecting air with a syringe in the tube and auscultating the gastric area with a stethoscope the sound of air indicates proper placement. In a a few minutes the patient will have no foreign body sensation in the throat and nose.

The tube is then fixated with a transparent tape to the cheekbones and behind the ear. Then it is attached to a ring of silicone (type floc mobile pack Set infinity), connected to the nutrient container (container type floc 1L). This connection passes through a peristaltic pump (Type Nutricia Infinity Flocare) that provides a perfusion the proteic solution through the tube directly into the stomach of the patient. The pump (type Flocare infinity) and container will be brought along by the patient in a bag, either a shoulder bag or a backpack during the ten days of treatment. The infusion can be detached from the pump by disconnecting the fitting of tube, for a maximum of 2 hours per day for bathing, showering, swimming etc.

At this point a nurse will explain the patient how to handle the Diet Tube products by itself: aminoacid powder (solution preparation), enteral feeding bag (container where the prepared solution will be poured ), feeding-pump ( electric appliance that, once programmed, will provide to feed the correct amount of solution). From this moment on the system will be turned on, and the Diet Tube program starts. Any therapies already in progress (for heart disease, hypertension, endocrine disorders, etc.) can generally be continued. Possible changes or suspensions should absolutely be agreed with the medical center or the specialist who has prescribed them.

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