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Possible side effects

During the Diet Tube treatment the patient doesn’t cunsume fibers of any kind. For this reason there may be constipation, so in the protocol there is scheduled a treatment with laxative drugs. Diet Tube method is the result of a careful examination of different clinical studies carried out with similar methods. The study and the examination of what has been done has allowed us to develop a protocol able to prevent all possibile side effects of the method and to improve the curative effects on obesity. In addition to that, the excellent results obtained are also due to a careful study of patients, prior to their inclusion in therapy.

There are also cases of patients whose diseases require close monitoring of the patient treatment. In these cases patients are sent to a treatment protocol that requires specific targeted controls in the course of the treatment.

In any case, all patients undergo a medical examination which provides preliminary findings and clinical diagnoses according to the second level. If there are no absolute or relative contraindications, the patient is accepted into the Diet Tube treatment program.

In the case that the method is carefully followed and controlled, therapeutic success is guaranteed. The number one rule is not to eat anything. The patient should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Tea and coffee are allowed, however they should be absolutely sugarfree and without artificial sweeteners. Sodadrinks are strictly prohibited. 

Any item containing carbohydrates and sugar drastically reduces the desired therapeutic effect.


In case of fainting, severe dizziness, excessive perspiration. In case that a dry and continuative cough arises. In case of hypoglycaemia (when blood glucose is less than 60mg/ml).

In case of hypertension crisis (maximum value higher than 170mmHg) or in case of hypotension (maximum value under 100mm/hg) associated with fainting symptoms.

In case the tube should withdraw (for a length of 20 cm). Please don’t try to reintroduce it by yourself. The reintroduction can be tried individually only if the tube slips off for a few centimeters (up to 10 cm). The technique' to re-introduce the nasogastric tube is by doing it slowly, while drinking small sips of cold water.

NB. Very rarely, in the early hours after application of the nasogastric tube a vagal syndrome may occur (nausea and vomiting, fainting, profuse sweating). In such cases, the best thing to do is lie down with the legs raised and to call the doctor. For this reason, it is better not to drive the first hours after application of the Diet Tube and it is adviced not to stay alone.

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