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how to insert the tube

No kind of sedatives or anesthetics are needed to place the feeding tube.

The patient is requested to sit in an upright position, his head bent slightly forward. During the insertion of the thin tube through the nostrils, the patient is requested to drink small sips of water with a straw. The insertion of the tube takes only a few seconds, and is not painful at all.

After the insertion the tube will be passed behind the ear and secured with transparent patch behind the ear and at the cheek bone. The nutrient pump, connected to the tube, has to be carried on in the 24 hours. It will continuously give the patient a protein solution consisting of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals in amounts and concentrations previously studied for the personal needs of each patient.

The mixture will be the only food allowed. Drinks (mineral water, tea, coffee, without sugar) can be taken without limitation during the treatment. It is necessary to drink 2 liters of water per day.

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